Bob’s Music

Music by Bob Zawalich


Recorded live on June 22, 2000 at the “2000 1/2 Going Forward, Looking Back” concert at the Seattle Art Museum
Performed by the Four Winds Woodwind Quartet:

Sarah Bassingthwaite, flute; Darlene Franz, oboe
Deborah Colyn, clarinet; Ryan Hare, bassoon
With David Paul Mesler, piano

Reach for the Sky

    From the song cycle Samhain Circle
    Performed by Beth Kolle, flute, Harper Tasche, harp

Leaves Taking

    From the song cycle Samhain Circle
    Performed by Harper Tasche, solo harp

Wild Ride


Performed by Gretta Harley, vocals, Sura Charlier, flute,
Bob Zawalich, guitar

Fools’ Paradise

Performed by Amber Flame, vocals, Dawn Clement, piano, Will Blair, bass, Byron Vannoy, drums

 The Birth of TaliesinTaliesin

for Flute, Piano, and Percussion

Performed by TANEKO:

Paul Taub, flute
Roger Nelson, piano
Matt Kocmieroski, percussion


I. Ceridwen’s Soliloquy

II. Ceridwen Bends Gwion Bach to her Will

III. Gwion Bach Stirs the Potion of Inspiration

IV. Chase, Transformation, Labyrinth, Vortex

V. Ceridwen’s Farewell

Notes on Taliesin