Curated Sibelius Plugins

Please note: Curated plugins were never widely adopted, and since it was laborious to keep the curated sets updated, they will no longer be updated. This page is left here in case a link takes you here, but the available Curated Plugin Sets files are too old to be useful any more.

Curated plugin sets for Sibelius are groups of plugins selected by a curator, an experienced Sibelius user. This could be a teacher, or a co-worker, or anyone else you trust who is comfortable choosing plugins.

The Of Note blog post Working sets, My Plugins, and curated plug-ins in Sibelius explains how these are installed and used. You will need Sibelius 6.2 or later to use a curated plug-in set.

To install a plug-in set you must have previously installed the downloadable plug-in Install New Plugin (category Other), which will copy the plug-in files to an appropriate location. If it is not yet installed, see the Of Note post Curated plug-in sets: Installing the first plug-in.

You will also need to run the downloadable plug-in My Plugins. This is included in the plug-in files folder, so it will be installed as part of the files installed by Install New Plugin.

If My Plugins had been already installed you will get a warning from Install New Plugin, which you can safely ignore.

I have provided zip files for some curated plugin sets. Each file contains a PDF file which should contain enough information to enable you to install the plugin set, but I recommend reading the blog post.

Downloadable plugins were downloaded from the Sibelius plugin download page on the date (YYYY-MM_DD) included in the zip file names. Plugins are not updated often, so while it is possible that these files may not contain the most recent versions of downloaded plugins, they may be fine even if the date is a ways in the past.

Curated plugin sets to download:

After downloading, extract the folder to a location you can find later, and read the instructions in the PDF file contained in the folder.

Guitar-Plugin-Set-2016-08-15 This is a set of shipping and downloadable plugins that should be useful for guitarists.

Harp-Plugin-Set-2016-08-15 This is a set of shipping and downloadable plugins that should be useful for harp players.

Harp-Plugin-Small-Set-2016-08-15 This is a subset of the plugins in Harp Plugin Set, because the full set of 30+ plugins can be a bit intimidating.

Shipping-Plugins-Only-Set-2016-08-15 This set contains shipping plugins only, so you will not need to install or use Install New Plugin with this set. You will need to install My Plugins (category Other),  by the usual plug-in installation mechanisms before installing this set.

Sight-Impaired-Plugin-Set-2016-12-22 This set contains most of the plug-ins that are available from the Plugin Set plugin from plugin category Sight Impaired. All the plugins in this set are downloadable. This set provides a way to use My Plugins as a user-modifiable replacement for Plugin Set, allowing an easy way to add additional plugins to the working set.