Notating Music for Harp in Sibelius

Notating Music for the Harp in Sibelius 06-20-2019

This is a document I wrote describing how to create pedal and lever harp notation in Sibelius. It includes information on using the Norfolk Harp Std font, which contains pedal harp notation symbols used in Salzedo’s Modern Study of the Harp.

Available symbols. Click to enlarge.

Notating Music for Harp in Sibelius is a reference book rather than a blog post; you will more likely look at a single topic than read it in one sitting. This is a work in progress, and I will update it from time to time.

The font Norfolk Harp Std is distributed for free as part of the Norfolk font set. You can read about Norfolk Harp Std in the Scoring Notes blog, where you can also find a link for downloading and installing the font.  This is discussed in more detail in Notating Music for Harp In Sibelius in the section Fonts and Other Support Files.

You do not need to install all the Norfolk fonts to access the new harp symbols. You can install Norfolk Harp Std by itself and copy and open the score Harp techniques transfer document.sib  from the Norfolk distribution file, and you will be able to copy symbols made from that font.

This page also includes some Sibelius scores for using the Norfolk Harp Std font, including:

  • Harp Techniques Opus Norfolk Harp, a score containing additional copyable symbols, text objects, and lines that use characters in the Norfolk Harp Std font.
  • Opus Norfolk Harp, a score that can be exported as Manuscript Paper to create new scores that include characters in the Norfolk Harp Std font.
  • Examples of Pedal Harp Techniques, a score used to create examples in the document.

These scores are available in Sibelius 5, 6, and 7 format. Use the Sibelius 7 format files for all Sibelius version after version 7.

If you are not interested in the pedal harp symbols in Norfolk Harp Std you will not need these files.

These files were last updated on April 11, 2019. They are not likely to need to be updated in the future.