Writing Sibelius Plugins

Draft Documents

Here are draft documents I have written discussing the writing of ManuScript language plugins in Sibelius.

Plugins are written in Sibelius’ ManuScript programming language. In Sibelius 7 or later you can find the ManuScript Language Reference at File>Plug-ins>ManuScript Language Reference. In Sibelius 6 and earlier, you can find it at Help>Documentation.


Historical plugin documents

  • Plug-in Authoring for Dummies
    by Ed Hisrchman, 2010. Part of the unofficial Sibelius Wiki, still hosted by Tobias Escher. This document is from the time of Sibelius 6.
  • ManuScript Dos and Donts
    by Gunnar Hellquist 2001 – 2005. The earliest document I know describing things to watch out for in ManuScript. Around the Sibelius 2 – 3 time frame. Gunnar was an important plugin developer when I started writing plugins.
  • Manuscript Do and Do Not 2019
    by Bob Zawalich 2019. An  update of Gunnar’s ducument with issues of interest in to  Sibelius Ultimate time frame.
  • Ed’s plugin primer
    by Bob Zawalich 2009. A description of how to go from a minimal plugin to one that could be published with a fair amount of error handling added.

Plugin Research and Analysis Notes